Your wedding is truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience, that’s why it’s so important to arrive in style, elegance and most importantly comfort.
So don’t let your big day fall flat, hire an AbFab limo.
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Take Jane Shreeves, a 24 year-old manageress from Reading, Buckingham. Last summer Jane married Andy, her long-term partner. Now we all know that weddings aren’t cheap, as Jane’s dad, Bryan, will more than testify! But after buying the rings, hiring the venue, booking the band, the catering and champagne, and, of course, the all important dress, Jane forgot one important accessory: a high-class AbFab limousine.
Without the space and comfort of an Absolutely Fabulous limousine, Jane’s silk dress was as creased as the worry lines on Bryan’s face. Now if only she’d hired an Absolutely Fabulous limousine. With an Absolutely Fabulous limousine, you and your bridesmaids can have the space to stretch without worrying about a crease, in fact the only thing you’ll have to worry about is not spilling the chilled champagne that we provide!
And what better way to make an exit (tin cans optional)?

So make your day very special and live out your dreams — AbFab limos.
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