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'You' magazine, January 2000. See images below.

Testimonials: Take a look at the response from previous clients; BBC, Kiss 100FM to name but two.
'You' magazine, January 2000.
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"It's Party Time! article in "Fast Car" magazine:


Take two cabs to and from the office at the office Christmas party? No, we just washed and went this year in a bigtime stretch Limo stylee - neatly avoiding all that drinking and driving nonsense.
Thanks to Absolutely Fabulous and their 'Movie Cars' we were able to cruise the local watering holes in an ex-Silvester Stallone 34ft long Lincoln Towncar Superstretch Wave, arriving in style and allowing us to get completely lashed in safety.

Plus this thing's the only one in the
country, I might add. Exclusive minor media celebridees, or what!?
'Wave' means one of two things, I reckon - either it's the shape of the humungous leather settee snaking up the car's interior,
and on which we sprawled our (b)lagging bodies, or it's the window communication necessary to acknowledge 'menial-pauper-looking-shoppers', tramping up the High Street! Ab Fab's amazing fleet of stretched Yanks are based in West London, but if you fancy popping out in one they'll pick
you up and drop you off at your doorstep! This can be quite handy
if you end up in the same lagered-up state we did.

Well, what do you expect when someone drives you to the pub
and then leaves bottles of Moet lying around? As we got in, Damon The Driver (not Hill) told us a few tales of what's gone on in the back
of this mobile living room.

Names, and apparently quite a bit more, were dropped... Moet Mono (the Ed) pulled rank and jumped in first, which meant he got to the bubbly before us! But luckily that meant he got the bill as well.

First sight of the mirrored ceiling instantly gave pervy 'Wild Slag Pete'
a few ideas, which got Helga a bit worried to say the least, while Scary Steve just lorded it over the plebs outside and letched over Louise from advertising.

There's no reason why you and your mates shouldn't sample showbiz life once in a while, is there?

Take a look at the response from our previous clients; BBC, Kiss 100FM to name but two.
  "the limo was fantastic"

"I would love to discuss ideas and ways of using the car in the future"

"...need your services"

"thank you for the superb service"

"the limousines were amazing and were a great hit with our friends"

"...the perfect way to start and end a great night out"



  "thank you for your time and services"

"the input your organization provided for the event was fundamental in the successful running of the show"

"we look forward to working with your organization again"

"thank you for the most perfect evening"

"it was a truly ABFAB evening"

"I would like to thank your company for an unforgettable experience"  
"I shall be recommending you and your company to all our clients"

"...very polite and helpful"

"...will remember the limo for comfort and excellant service"

"I have already recommended your services to my friends"


  "superb time keeping and excellent condition of the car"

"we were very pleased with the service and the limo"

"thank you very much for making the day as perfect and wonderful as it was"

"we definitely intend to use you again"

"Just a quick Thank You for the limos on Sunday!

The cars are lovely.

 The girls had a fantastic time and it will be a memorable night for them for a long long time.

Thanks again"
July 3 2007





"spent three wonderful days in London due mainly to your fantastic limo Night Fever and our great chauffeurs David and Trevor"

"please pass on our thanks to them."